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Aprile 2017
Philippe Model inaugurates in Milan, in the heart of the fashion district, its first flagship boutique and a new executive showroom. The latter joins the one in Paris, located in the very central Rue Royale. An elegant Milanese building looking on to the prestigious Via Bigli hosts the new showroom which has four exhibition rooms covering a total surface area of 500 square metres. The French soul of the brand is revealed in the choice of the parquet flooring, laid in a herringbone pattern and in the wood panelling painted by hand by Philippe Model using his typical shades of grey and blue, a tribute to the colours and hues of the city of Paris. The modern spirit vowed to design, characteristic of the city of Milan, is alluded to in the “Icon Room”, the heart of the showroom, in which some iconic models of the brand are displayed in glass cubes lit from the interior creating a sense of three-dimensional suspension. A mirrored brass floor exalts the reflections of light with an enveloping effect. The boutique in via Sant’Andrea 17, on the other hand is characterized by a contemporary design attentive to materials, with a predominance of wood and brass.


Hessenweg 9,

7722PH Dalfsen






Tel: 0031 651 793 783