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Zecchino d’Oro

There’s been a long history for about 50 years whose Made in Italy warranty can’t stop but surprising. That’s a long history aimed at pointing out the will of children and boys & girls. It’s know for its style, creativeness, colours and so, a much more famous history, thanks to the high-quality materials which are handmade products by handicraft skill and absolute passion.

It’s said to be like a long moving trip along children’s fashion itinerary able to enchant as if by the spell made by real simplicity.

The love for children is like a starting point and a production target.
That’s a so shapable love able to be the rhythm and any colours of every people’s life.
This passion is always and always giving a sort of new life every season enabling us to lead a long road like a symbol of evolution, rich surprises and moving discoveries.


Hessenweg 9,

7722PH Dalfsen






Tel: 0031 651 793 783